Erika Betty Eberhart

About the Artist

My experience in the floral industry began years ago in Massachusetts with a sustainable events company, where I learned just how wasteful this industry can be. I was always drawn to the ethereality of nature, and was aware that part of that fascination was with the temporal quality of the plants and what makes up these arrangements. The transient existence of life is sublime in itself, but witnessing the mass disposal of arrangements that had such a poignant connection with life-impacting occasions inspired me to work with these impermanent materials in a lasting way. I found myself captivated by the Island of Hawai'i, its fauna and flora interconnected to the culture. 

About the Materials

I use only the highest quality and locally sourced natural materials. As an artist, the materials I use are my inspiration, they are a tangible extension of my passion for nature, beauty and creation. I take great care and pride in the selection of my materials, and am uniquely impacted by each plant, flower, fern, arrangement or bouquet I work with. Because of this approach, I have been able to develop and experiment with new techniques.