Betty Moon Studios

Hawai’i based artist who specializes in sustainable lifestyle products and Bouquet Preservation.

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Custom Bouquet Preservation

A day like your wedding can take months and sometimes years of planning, yet it can seem to bloom and pass in an instant. The natural remains of an event like this can hold an intangible connection to the occasions themselves; the organic impermanence of your flora represents a transient yet significant part of this day. Instead of discarding your centerpieces and bouquets, I want to create a unique piece of art for you. The preservation of your bouquet not only commemorates the occasion, but symbolizes a fleeting moment of time filled with love, care and beauty.

I work intimately with your materials, allowing their transient beauty to shape the final piece; my distinctive style ensures that you are given a piece unparalleled to anything else.

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Custom Coffee Table

A unique piece of functional art that enhances any home.

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Surfboard Reresection

Where mauka and makai come together in a sentimental piece of wall art.

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Organic Artwork

Distinctive and uncommon, each piece is a one of a kind creation though local wood and florals from the Island of Hawai'i.

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Sourced Locally

Integrating our natural world into your home.

"The end product exceeded our expectations, we are extremely
happy with what Erika created.  We are looking to do something similar for
our home in California."

Phil & Anna P.

"The wood she chose with all the colors and the live edge is so well done. I'm totally blown away. I may need her to help me create another piece for my living area."

Bobby N.

Important Disclaimer

*It is crucial to understand that my pieces will change over time. This means colors and plants may vary due to their organic matter. I do my absolute best to preserve each plant but the beauty of nature is exactly that, change is unavoidable.

I suggest to embrace the perspective in a positive way. It is a rare thing to find an ever changing art piece that can never be entirely recreated*