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 Instead, imagine preserving your wedding flowers. Release the difficulty and stress of trying to do it yourself; whether you live in Southern california or you're across the country, I’m here to help you! 

Now, I create breathtaking artwork exclusively for couples like you! Each design is a one-of-a-kind custom piece that captures the essence of your unique connection.

It brings me immense joy to assist couples in preserving and immortalizing such an intimate moment like your wedding day.

These experiences and conversations inspired me to learn the artistry of resin and flower preservation.

During my time working for a sustainable events company as a floral designer, I consistently encountered a bittersweet sight at the end of each event: their beautiful bouquets left behind. It sparked a curiosity within me about whether couples wished to preserve these sentimental florals.

To my delight, when I asked numerous newlyweds, a common desire emerged: they all wanted to keep their bouquets! However, many were unsure of how to go about it or simply got caught up in the enchantment of the evening, overlooking this opportunity.

Together, we'll transform those cherished memories into a stunning masterpiece that will take your breath away.  

hey, my name is Erika Betty

it’s creating with the heart by weaving that ephemeral beauty back to a moment in time.

Now, I realize that my passion roots much deeper

From the very beginning of my journey with plants, I was captivated by the individual beauty that each flower possessed.

Learning to surf in Hawai'i alongside my sister was a true  gift, and to this day, we seize every opportunity to hit the waves together.


I became the florist in residence at a cafe in Southern California at the end of 2023 when I moved off the Big Island.


When I travel I love to immersing myself in the ambiance by strolling through the city streets with my headphones on and visiting art museums.


I gave myself my first tattoo, now I have sixteen! Eleven of them are plants.


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