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We know it’s A LOT to think about. That’s where we come in! We make the process as seamless as possible; the details are handled ahead of time, so on your day all you need to do is have fun and enjoy it! 

Let us assure you that the investment of preserving your wedding bouquet is kindred to preserving that moment in time. 

We get it, you already have SO much to think about when it comes to planning your wedding!

For the bookworms who are always reaching for a new novel. These matching pieces will have you revisiting your book shelf more than normal.


4.5” x 6”

book ends

For the dreamer couple who want a window into their wedding day, our flower-filled square design is sleek and fits any aesthetic.


For the ones looking for an organic accent, this circle is a portal that works especially well to encapsulate select larger blooms.


8” x 2” with wall hanger attached to back.

 The Portal 


This design is approximately 10" x 10" x 2" and stands on its own.


The hexagon is for the contemporary couple. It allows optimal space for a deeper floral display, highlighting the angles and complexity of your arrangement.


Our hexagon design is approximately 12"x 12" x 2" It both stands on its own and stands out!

Stunning and Modern


The perfect design for the couple who entertains and wants to continue to show off their stunning flowers time and time again. This is a gorgeous statement piece that will bring a moment of gratitude and love with each time you use it!


Our serving tray is approximately 12"x24"x1.5" Make yours a true connection to the place you got married by integrating local Hawaiian wood or keep it simple with a clean, glassy look that focuses on those beautiful flowers. 

Our Most Popular and Versatile Design

serving tray

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the process

the process

This is our initial connection; it’s where we find out exactly what you need and how we can provide that. Fill out your contact information and we will send over package proposal. The proposal has all of our exclusive/premium package prices, and information that will make your bouquet-preservation dreams come true! Once you have filled out and submitted the form, a contract with a payment plan will be sent over. Our process is designed to be swift and simple so you can focus on your upcoming big day!


Let’s Connect!


Our botanical artist will pick up your beautiful bouquet at the designated place and time. The bouquet will be carefully transported to our studios to begin the delicate preservation process. Rest assured, your blooms will be handled with great care to ensure a stunning outcome.


The Pick-Up


Where your flowers become an everlasting piece of art! Your blooms will be arranged by our artist to exhibit their sentimental beauty, memorialized as a celebration of your special day.


In the Studio


 The final piece will be packaged with care and sent safely to your home, where its eternal beauty can be a reminder of your wedding day. 


The Send Off

We do!
Shipping to Canada: Client is responsible for shipping costs and any duty fees upon receiving when shipped to Canada

Do you ship throughout the USa and Canada?

Flowers can be used to adorn any special event. We are open to working with arrangements and leis from all occasions including; weddings, baby showers, bridal parties, graduation, Merrie Monarch, sympathy flowers, etc.

Do you only accept wedding bouquets?

We offer a pick up service to various parts of the island for a small fee. We are based in Kailua Kona and offer free pick up in that area. The evening of is the best option to preserve the bouquet in its optimal freshness! Immediately once the bouquet is not being used, place it in a vase of fresh cool water and refrigerator if possible. The bouquet should be arranged to be picked up no later than 48 hours after the ceremony. 

How do I get the flowers to you?

To reserve your Bouquet Preservation please book 1-3 months in advance, any last minute requests may or may not be accepted. The date and pick up time must be confirmed and a non-refundable deposit of $150 is required. 

When should I reserve my Bouquet Preservation?

No, we do our very best to include flowers and greenery in your piece to emulate the feeling of your bouquet without overcrowding it. The design style will highlight the unique make up of your specific bouquet to bring you back to that moment each time you look at it.

Some varieties of plants that are usable but just a bit more delicate include:

- Anemones
- White flowers
- Lilies

Please understand that certain varieties of flowers are difficult to use because of their water content or thickness which prevent us from preserving them.

These include but are not limited to: 

- Calla Lilies
- Succulents
- Bird of paradise
- Plumerias
- Ginger
- Anthuriums
- King Protea

Will ALL the flowers in my bouquet be used?

Each flower and greenery has a unique makeup designed by Mother Nature herself. We do our best to honor and preserve the plants in their natural beauty. However, there can be variations in color and texture that occur during our preservation process. Other factors can come into play with the quality of your flowers such as care and handling during the ceremony, where the flowers are sourced from, and temperature stored in. Over time color variations occur depending on sunlight exposure and care of the piece. The flowers will stay preserved nonetheless their natural hue can vary which creates an antique appearance. 

Will my flowers look exactly the same as they did in my bouquet?

The entire process takes between 5 to7 weeks. We make sure to take our time to put lots of love and care into each flower to make it special.

How long does the process take?

All your questions answered!

Owner of Island Girl Plant Designs
xo, Kela

The piece is so well made from the resin materials to the way she artistically arranged the blooms. I constantly just stare in awe wondering how she made it look so stunning. Erika is so great! She is professional and was quick to answer any questions I had. You can tell just by talking with her how passionate she is about her creations. Working with her was effortless from start to finish.

xo, Kiana & Iain Laprade

At first I was skeptical about preserving my flowers. When I saw Betty Moon Studio’s work I immediately knew she would create something totally unique and I was right. She was so kind and helpful even after we already received our piece. I’ll remember my special day every time I look at this piece because she not only put the flowers into it but the memories and love that we had that day.

xo, Savannah & Nick Patchen

Erika is an incredible artist and creator. She was kind and cared deeply about making my story come to life. At first, I had to consider the financial investment. But it only took a moment to realize what a special memory this is and I had to do it! Plus supporting a local artist made it worth it even more! I fully recommend any bride to choose Betty Moon Studios - you will not regret it!

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